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How Converting Unicast into Multicast Can Optimize Your Network

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Oct 26, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the first of a four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay.

Syn-Apps’ Paging Relay is a small, patented PoE network appliance that provides customers with a number of communication solutions. It enables connectivity to analog endpoints, contact closure devices, alarm panels and more. The device can also be used to configure remote site failover, broadcast background music, play music on hold, and alert staff of incoming calls after business hours with the night ringer functionality.

One key feature of the Paging Relay is its ability to significantly reduce bandwidth consumption by converting incoming unicast audio streams into multicast to destination sites across the WAN.

What is unicast?

Unicast is an industry-standard transmission method of sending data to a single network destination identified by a unique IP address.

Unicast Traffic Flow

Above: Each endpoint is sent the same set of data.


What is multicast?

Multicast sends one data stream to multiple endpoints and optimizes network performance by controlling network traffic and reducing the bandwidth load on network devices.

Multicast Traffic Flow

 Above: Data is sent to designated endpoints.


How can the Paging Relay help?

By converting a single unicast stream into multicast before delivering a notification, the Paging Relay decreases network bandwidth and provides clear, crisp audio announcements to designated endpoints — like IP phones, IP speakers, or traditional PA systems.

Unicast to Multicast with Paging Relay

Above: One unicast stream is sent from the server to the Paging Relay, which then converts the stream into multicast and sends individual streams to each designated endpoint.


Ask yourself this: Could your organization benefit from taking additional measures to optimize your network - such as reducing bandwidth consumption or broadcasting intelligible audio notifications?

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