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What's Your Syn-Apps Story? | Customer Success

Posted by Marie Thiele on Wed, Mar 15, 2017 @ 12:37 PM

Watch this short video to learn what customers have to say about their experience with Syn-Apps.

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Sneak Preview - SA-Announce 9.0.14 Advanced Scheduler Tool!

Posted by Marie Thiele on Tue, Aug 26, 2014 @ 05:16 PM

New Advanced Scheduler Tool is Perfect for School Environments! 

It’s back-to-school season again! The soon to be released SA-Announce 9.0.14 provides an all new scheduler tool that makes coordinating school bell schedules and announcements easier than ever! Stay tuned to Syn-Apps for updates and contact us to learn how SA-Announce can be used to easily manage multiple systems within your environment!

describe the image
The new Scheduler tool gives users four different Calendar views to create, modify, and remove scheduled events. Administrators can customize their schedule view and to with label colors, detailed text, audio tones, and much more!

SCHOOL Bells resized 600

The example displayed above illustrates a High School schedule using the Work Week view. The example includes a Fire Drill bell and recurring Morning, Lunch, and Release school bells. 

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How to Enable Instant Two-Way Communication Between Patients & Nurses

Posted by Marie Thiele on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 04:30 AM

The Business Challenge

Syn-Apps recently designed a one-of-a-kind solution for the healthcare industry. The initial request asked Syn-Apps to provide a solution to address a unique customer challenge. The hospital required a more efficient way to establish communication between patients and on-call nurses.

The Solution

To solve the business challenge, Syn-Apps created the Nurse Call System. This custom-built application, provided patients with activator and notifier, which uses an API, (application programming interface), to “bridge” nurses’ IP phones and patients’ bedside tablets - enabling the disparate devices to send and receive notifications across the network the ability to select a pre-determined message from a bedside tablet and deliver it to designated nurse IP phones.

Once received, a nurse is able to reply to the patient requests by selecting a unique set of response messages using buttons on their IP phones. 

When patients initiate a notification, they are delivered and placed into a queue, helping nurses organize and rapidly respond to their requests. The queue feature improves operational efficiencies by enabling staff to prioritize the patient requests, thus optimizing their response plan. 

Nurses use the Nurse Call System on their IP phones to monitor  the status of notifications (active, responded to, or cancelled),  view responses sent and received from both parties, as well as  additional notification details. Patients are able to monitor their wait status by checking for responses as they are delivered to their bedside tablet. 

 Nurse Notifier Queue Available Response Options Response Sent

The Value

The true value of the Nurse Call System is its flexibility and adaptability to virtually any environment. To learn how Syn-Apps can enhance your organization’s notification needs, contact us today!

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Cisco and Syn-Apps Providing Customer Business Value

Posted by Marie Thiele on Wed, Jan 05, 2011 @ 12:47 PM

By: Blair Pleasant – – January 5, 2011

At the Cisco Collaboration Summit, I met with Anca van Assendelft of Cisco’s Customer Business Transformation Group, and Steve Horton of Syn-Apps, a Cisco partner, who demonstrated applications that Syn-Apps developed to provide business value from communication-enabled processes. As Steve explained, Syn-Apps develops solutions to help retailers transition to implement IP in a way that they weren’t able to in the past, eliminating the need to retrofit paging systems in stores and buildings, while taking advantage of unified communications and enriched applications. The demo highlighted the integration of Syn-Apps’ application with the Cisco unified communication platform and the Cius device in a retail environment, resulting in the “webification” of the retail store.

To read the full article on, please click here.

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Syn-Apps Launches Next Version of SA-Announce

Posted by Marie Thiele on Tue, Feb 02, 2010 @ 11:24 AM

Brings Most Advanced IP-Based Notification Software to Market

PHOENIX, AZ – Syn-Apps, LLC, a leader in IP-based paging and emergency notification software announces the next release of SA-Announce, version 8. This major release encompasses several key enhancements such as Desktop Notification and the ability to operate independent of a phone platform via SIP-based communication protocols. Additionally, SA-Announce now operates seamlessly with multiple industry leading IP speaker manufacturers.

A list of key features now available in SA-Announce v.8 include:

  • Advanced Desktop Notification Client – Desktop screen pop-up with sound, text, and graphics – based on alerting

  • On-Phone Panic Button Services – Instantly alert safety personnel or necessary parties while enabling discrete monitoring from the triggered phone

  • One-touch Conference and Instant Escalation Capability – Instantly bring necessary parties in to a conference bridge with one-touch 911 or escalation ability

  • ­SIP-based Integration ­- Removes phone system dependency allowing SA-Announce to operate on any network platform and communicate to IP speakers, desktops and analog endpoints

  • Plug-and-Play Speaker and Clock Integration – Automatic speaker and clock registration, saving hours of manual configuration for:

    • Atlas Sound (all speakers)

    • Advanced Network Devices (all speakers)

    • CyberData (all speakers)

    • Legacy Analog Paging (Valcom / Bogen, etc.)

Syn-Apps is very excited about this release. We have addressed a number of customer and partner requests and continue to lead the market in end-user satisfaction and product capability. They are committed to ensuring critical communication reaches the right audience at the right time in all the right ways and will continue to enhance their solutions to interact with more and more systems and media platforms.

About Syn-Apps LLC

Syn-Apps brings advanced notification solutions to organizations around the globe. Education, Healthcare, Government, and Corporate entities use Syn-Apps for advanced emergency and non-emergency notification, paging, marketing, and 911 alerting. Syn-Apps also provides call recording and reporting to address compliance requirements. Founded in 2001 and based in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, Syn-Apps has enjoyed strong year over year growth and has received numerous industry awards. For more information about Syn-Apps, please visit or call 1-866-664-6071.

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