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New Product Release | Syn-Apps Park-N-Page

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Mon, Sep 12, 2016 @ 09:53 AM


Businesses often rely on technology like IVR systems to route incoming callers to the right department or employee extension. However, unless employees are nearby or available to answer the call, the phone will continue to ring until someone answers or the caller is transferred to voicemail.

For retail stores or businesses that experience high call volumes, it can be disruptful to both employees and visitors when phones are constantly ringing. So how can businesses mitigate interruptions from incoming calls while assisting customers, yet still achieve superior customer service when customers call into the store?

Syn-Apps offers a solution that helps businesses balance superior customer service and operational efficiencies for employees assisting customers within the store or calling into the facility.

The solution takes call routing processes one step further by providing an additional notification layer with automated overhead paging. It helps reduce long waiting times for callers on-hold and is less likely to disturb employees assisting other customers.

Syn-Apps recently re-released its Park-N-Page device - an automated SIP paging attendant designed to streamline call routing by parking the call and broadcasting an overhead page to alert employees when callers are waiting on-hold.

"We recognized customers needed a more robust version of our former Park-N-Page software. Moving Park-N-Page into a hardware solution provides customers greater scalability, easier maintenance, and stronger integration capabilities than our former Park-N-Page software could support. All of this ultimately culminates in a more cohesive customer experience while driving efficiency and profitability." - Ian Pitts, President & CEO of Syn-Apps LLC

 How it works:

  • A customer calls a grocery store and needs to speak with someone in the bakery department. When the call is received, it is initially routed to the business' IVR system where the caller is prompted with a list of directory options to choose from.

  • Once the caller selects the bakery department, they're be routed to the Park-N-Page bakery extension and placed on hold.

  • Park-N-Page calls the bakery's extension, which rings for a predetermined number of times.

  • If no one in the bakery answers the call, Park-N-Page will broadcast a notification to overhead speakers, alerting employees caller(s) are waiting on-hold:
    • Option A: Bakery employees can respond to the page and connect directly to the caller waiting on-hold by dialing an pre-defined extension from any phone on the network.

    • Option B: If no one in the bakery department responds after a specified number of overhead pages, then Park-N-Page will transfer the caller to voice mail.

Park-N-Page Illustration


Benefits of call routing and automated notifications with Park-N-Page:

Automating call routing not only increases awareness and productivity across departments by broadcasting announcements across overhead systems, but it also removes the need for someone to physically manage incoming calls. This reduces average call handling time (AHT) and ultimately improves customer service.

Park-N-Page has proven to be most effective in environments such as retail, automotive dealerships, manufacturing, hospitality, and transportation.

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