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Protect Your Organization in the Event of a WAN Outage

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Nov 16, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the final of our four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay. Last week showcased the Paging Relay's musical capabilities.

For organizations with remote locations, reliable connectivity between sites is often a critical requirement. It's important for these organizations to have contingency communication plans in the event of network disruptions. With the Remote Site Failover functionality, Syn-Apps' Paging Relay provides true fault-tolerance protection in the event of a WAN outage.

How Fault-Tolerance Works with Paging Relay: 

During normal operations, all notifications are answered by SA-Announce at the primary location (Location 1). If a remote site experiences a wide area network outage and the SA-Announce server is not accessible, notifications are automatically routed to the Paging Relay locally via a backup call control (Location 2).

In active failover mode, users at the remote site can pick up a phone, dial the same pre-configured extension to reach the Paging Relay, and broadcast a live page to supported IP phones, analog and IP speakers.


Let's recap!

The Paging Relay is an innovative, all-in-one device that is easy to install, provides enhanced services at a fraction of the cost, and requires virtually no configuration. Key features include:

  • Unicast to multicast conversion - Converting a single unicast stream into multicast decreases network bandwidth and provides clear, intelligible audio - which is important for communicating to personnel.
  • Two type of contact closure connections - Smart detection and automated alerts can help improve situational awareness and keep personnel safe.
  • Various musical capabilities - Streaming live background music or playing music on hold creates an ambient environment for customers waiting for assistance.
  • True fault-tolerance protection - The Remote Site Failover functionality keeps remote locations connected and provides live communication, during a network disruption across the WAN.

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