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Protect Your Organization in the Event of a WAN Outage

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Nov 16, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the final of our four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay. Last week showcased the Paging Relay's musical capabilities.

For organizations with remote locations, reliable connectivity between sites is often a critical requirement. It's important for these organizations to have contingency communication plans in the event of network disruptions. With the Remote Site Failover functionality, Syn-Apps' Paging Relay provides true fault-tolerance protection in the event of a WAN outage.

How Fault-Tolerance Works with Paging Relay: 

During normal operations, all notifications are answered by SA-Announce at the primary location (Location 1). If a remote site experiences a wide area network outage and the SA-Announce server is not accessible, notifications are automatically routed to the Paging Relay locally via a backup call control (Location 2).

In active failover mode, users at the remote site can pick up a phone, dial the same pre-configured extension to reach the Paging Relay, and broadcast a live page to supported IP phones, analog and IP speakers.


Let's recap!

The Paging Relay is an innovative, all-in-one device that is easy to install, provides enhanced services at a fraction of the cost, and requires virtually no configuration. Key features include:

  • Unicast to multicast conversion - Converting a single unicast stream into multicast decreases network bandwidth and provides clear, intelligible audio - which is important for communicating to personnel.
  • Two type of contact closure connections - Smart detection and automated alerts can help improve situational awareness and keep personnel safe.
  • Various musical capabilities - Streaming live background music or playing music on hold creates an ambient environment for customers waiting for assistance.
  • True fault-tolerance protection - The Remote Site Failover functionality keeps remote locations connected and provides live communication, during a network disruption across the WAN.

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Create Ambient Environments with Clear, Crisp Audio

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Nov 09, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the third of a four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay. Last week showcased the Paging Relay's contact closure connections. 

Waiting patiently can be difficult, especially for long periods of time. If customers have to wait for assistance, they might get impatient, hang up the phone or leave, becoming a missed opportunity. Creating ambient environments by playing music while customers wait in a lobby or wait on hold in a call queue can help keep people engaged.

Syn-Apps' Paging Relay accepts live audio from any external device and can stream background music to IP and analog speakers. It can also be used to play music on hold for callers waiting on the phone.

Paging Relay Music Capabilities

Background Music   Music on Hold

The Paging Relay digitizes a signal and transmits it as a multicast stream, providing crisp, clear audio. This is especially useful in common areas such as lobbies, hallways, waiting rooms, retail floors, and more.


The Paging Relay also has the ability to play music when callers are placed on hold or put into a waiting queue. This helps create a pleasant call waiting experience.

Ask yourself this: How could your organization benefit from background music or music on hold?

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Extending Your Notification System with Contact Closures

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Nov 02, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the second of a four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay. Last week's post showcased the Paging Relay's unicast to multicast conversion capabilities.

Smart detection and automated alerts can help improve situational awareness. Depending on the use case, contact closures can be configured to trigger endpoints (lock doors, activate sirens) or send an alert when an external switch is activated (emergency door opens, help button is pushed). Contact closures can keep personnel informed of whats going on in the building at all times.

Syn-Apps' Paging Relay offers two different types of contact closure connections: sensor contact closure and relay contact closure. Paging_Relay_Contact_Closure_Example-1.png

Sensor Contact Closure   Relay Contact Closure

When activated, the Paging Relay's Sensor Contact Closure feature can trigger the Paging Relay to play pre-recorded audio notifications. If integrated with SA-Announce, the feature can be used to send a notification when a device is activated.


When an alert is sent from SA-Announce, the Paging Relay's Relay Contact Closure feature can send a signal and activate any electrical device that reacts with a simple "on/off switch."


  • A customer walks into a store and activates the motion detector (a sensor contact closure) set up on top of the door. This triggers the Paging Relay to broadcast a locally stored audio file to overhead speaker systems.
  • A customer is in need of assistance and pushes a "help" button, which is connected to the Paging Relay. The Paging Relay triggers an SA-Announce notification, alerting the department manager that a customer needs assistance.


There is an intruder in the school. The Principal activates an SA-Announce Emergency Alert notification, which triggers the Paging Relay to activate contact closure devices throughout the building to close and lock doors, turn off lights, or activate strobe lights and sirens.

Ask yourself this: How could your organization utilize contact closures to improve situational awareness and keep personnel informed of what's going on within your buildings at any given time?

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How Converting Unicast into Multicast Can Optimize Your Network

Posted by Sydney Hirshberger on Wed, Oct 26, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Paging_Relay_Banner_3.png*This is the first of a four-part series highlighting the various features of Syn-Apps' patented Paging Relay.

Syn-Apps’ Paging Relay is a small, patented PoE network appliance that provides customers with a number of communication solutions. It enables connectivity to analog endpoints, contact closure devices, alarm panels and more. The device can also be used to configure remote site failover, broadcast background music, play music on hold, and alert staff of incoming calls after business hours with the night ringer functionality.

One key feature of the Paging Relay is its ability to significantly reduce bandwidth consumption by converting incoming unicast audio streams into multicast to destination sites across the WAN.

What is unicast?

Unicast is an industry-standard transmission method of sending data to a single network destination identified by a unique IP address.

Unicast Traffic Flow

Above: Each endpoint is sent the same set of data.


What is multicast?

Multicast sends one data stream to multiple endpoints and optimizes network performance by controlling network traffic and reducing the bandwidth load on network devices.

Multicast Traffic Flow

 Above: Data is sent to designated endpoints.


How can the Paging Relay help?

By converting a single unicast stream into multicast before delivering a notification, the Paging Relay decreases network bandwidth and provides clear, crisp audio announcements to designated endpoints — like IP phones, IP speakers, or traditional PA systems.

Unicast to Multicast with Paging Relay

Above: One unicast stream is sent from the server to the Paging Relay, which then converts the stream into multicast and sends individual streams to each designated endpoint.


Ask yourself this: Could your organization benefit from taking additional measures to optimize your network - such as reducing bandwidth consumption or broadcasting intelligible audio notifications?

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Syn-Apps Delivers Next Generation Paging Relay

Posted by Marie Thiele on Thu, Dec 02, 2010 @ 12:49 PM

Revolutionizing Remote Site Paging

PHOENIX, AZ Syn-Apps, LLC, a recognized leader in paging and emergency notification software, announced the release of the next generation of their VoIP Paging Relay. The Paging Relay is a small network appliance providing many features including unicast to multicast conversion, eliminating the need to enable multicast across WAN connections. The Paging Relay provides multiple integration options that allow customers to leverage existing investments in legacy equipment.
“As more Syn-Apps solutions migrate to the Cloud, our Paging Relay will be instrumental in allowing us to maintain our current reach and depth of integration into on-site physical systems,” says Ian Pitts, CTO of Syn-Apps.
When a notification is triggered, a single unicast stream is sent to each remote Paging Relay. The Paging Relay converts this stream and sends it to the appropriate end points via multicast, analog audio via the RCA or 600ohm interfaces. The Paging Relay eliminates the need to place local notification servers at remote sites while providing enhanced services at a fraction of the cost, virtually no configuration and no day 2 support. Since it is a hardened appliance, it does not suffer from the same maintenance and stability issues as a server or workstation. It also requires very limited technical expertise be present at the remote site, reducing implementation costs.
The Syn-Apps Paging Relay is increasingly critical for large notification projects and WAN deployments. This patent-pending technology is instrumental in our mission to deliver the most advanced, cost-effective communication solutions in the market place.

The Paging Relay is small enough to hold in one hand and installation is as simple as connecting to the LAN with a single Ethernet cable. It has various connections that allow it to integrate to your notification network.

Syn-Apps Paging Relay features include:

  • Unicast RTP to Multicast RTP conversion

  • Unicast to RCA output

  • Local notification audio file storage

  • Background and MOH Music broadcast

  • 600ohm output interface

  • Enhanced trigger capabilities

  • Contact Closure Circuit

About Syn-Apps LLC

Syn-Apps brings unified communication based emergency and non-emergency notification solutions to organizations around the globe. Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Corporate entities use Syn-Apps for advanced critical communication, paging, marketing, and 911 alerting. Syn-Apps also provides call recording and reporting to address compliance requirements. Founded in 2001 and based in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, Syn-Apps has enjoyed strong growth and has received numerous industry awards. For more information, please visit or call 1-866-664-6071.

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